Supplier Spotlight - Makeup and Hair with Storme

Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, Storme followed her dreams and the love of her life to London where she began her incredible journey and business Storme makeup and hair. Each of her styles are personalised to enhance individual features, specialising in elegant, natural and soft techniques. Storm's popular demand has allowed her to carefully handpick talented hair and makeup professionals who have all been trained to share her very own style and enthusiasm for each bride to be.

How long have you been a hair & make up artist for?

I started my journey learning makeup in 2009, and in 2010 I qualified as a hairdresser. So I have been doing hair and makeup for around 11 years now. 

I learned everything to do with makeup (special effects, theatre, beauty / photographic makeup, and bridal) and I was terrified of hair so decided to throw myself into the deep end and learned about hair in-depth (cutting, colour, and styling) to master the craft and conquer the fear. Now I wouldn't know which to choose from if anyone asked which discipline I prefer. I also love that I am confident in both and able to offer both to my clients.

What is your favourite part of being a hair & makeup artist?

I have done so much within the hair and makeup world from runway events, photoshoot campaigns, television commercials, live TV shows. When I moved to London in 2015 I had just gotten married and fell in love with the wedding industry. I absolutely love working within the wedding industry now and pampering lovely brides to be. I feel like I have found my place and have such amazing job satisfaction when a bride looks in the mirror once I am done with their hair and makeup and they just beam with happiness and excitement. Making their day all the more special because they feel beautiful and confident on their big day. 

How do you stay up to date with the latest trends?

There are so many factors to keeping up with trends - I pride myself on always being excited about forever learning and growing my skills. So I do take the time to continuously train and be inspired.  We are lucky in London that international amazing talented artists come here for workshops and this enables me to pick up new techniques, enhance my skill and learn about the latest trends. I think it is important for a bit of your own personality and style to shine through, and I think no matter what is trending, brides that are looking for soft romantic elegant bridal looks will be drawn to me and my skills because I truly love to create those types of hairstyles that are flowy and soft, to naturally enhance and create confidence with makeup. I think Pinterest is an incredible tool for inspiration and latest trends too. 

What is your process when a bride books with you?

From inquiry, we love to give the bride as much information to ensure we are the right fit. Often if I am not available for the date I offer my wonderful S Pro Team who I have trained and have similar skill and aesthetic as myself. Brides are asked to pay a reservation fee to secure their wedding day and their trial / bridal consultations are arranged.

We as the artists suggest looks and colour palettes alongside what our clients vision is for their wedding. Taking into account the style of their wedding and their wedding dress they have chosen. 

Our trials are such a fun experience to get to know your artist and I know I absolutely love hearing about our client's wedding plans and share their excitement. We finalise a look that they absolutely love and we chat about their wedding morning and any other bridesmaids / bridal party looks we may be doing, as well as finalising a morning schedule for the day. 

We then are in touch to see how the makeup/hair wore and if there are any tweaks we need to note for the wedding day.  Then we are there excited and ready to make our brides and their bridal party look and feel amazing on their wedding days, keeping a calm and happy environment just before they step off and marry their man!! We stay until this moment ensuring they have their veil or any accessories on and touched up before their ceremony.

What is your favourite makeup brand?

I may be a bit bias but I absolutely love Bobbi Brown (I worked on the counter for Bobbi Brown whilst I studied makeup) but I really love their ethos and their colours. The brand and their products are just gorgeous for Bridal work. I would say Charlotte Tilbury is a close second as a whole brand. To be honest, my kit is made up of the best of each brand and products out there that I love to use, but there certainly is a good portion from Bobbi Brown and Charlotte Tilbury.

What is your top wedding makeup tip?

Be yourself - don't try and look a certain way because you feel you need to. If your one for less makeup, that can be achieved and still be gorgeous both in person and on camera. For example, if you never wear a red lip, don't suddenly wear a bright red lipstick for your wedding day, if you think you need to have a more glam look. You will be hyper-aware of this all day. It is so important to be comfortable and not constantly think about what your hair and makeup looks like on the day. You should be able to know you have a look that is enhancing your unique feature, is comfortable, long-lasting and photographic as well as beautiful in person.  I think the problem lies with the balance with how much is needed for photos but still look yourself and beautiful, not caked up or too much in person. Let's be honest, the men will appreciate this too!!

To find more information, have a look at Storme's amazing website showcasing more of her incredible work and follow her via instagram