Next steps now that you’re engaged

Many congratulations on your recent engagement. It is such an exciting time for you both and sure your mind is on over drive on what to do next! I am not sure if you are aware, I got engaged back in October during a week away in Cornwall to my now fiancé Josh and I can tell you, it was the best moment of my life! We have since spent some quality time together with our little Cavachon Waffle and our ideas have been running wild with plans for our very own wedding day.

I wanted to share with you some ideas of what you can be doing in this moment and something we have been doing too since getting engaged.

Tell everyone you’re engaged!

This was so exciting, we were away at the time and calling our parents, close family and friends was so special and emotional! Josh had gone traditional and had already asked my parents 3 months before and of course they said yes! After all the crying and OMG moments, it’s such a lovely feeling that all your close family and friends are excited as you are.

If you have social media, make sure to tell the rest of your friends and followers the amazing news!

Enjoy the moment with your Partner

Since getting engaged, Josh and I have spent some quality time together going through ideas for our special day and feeling super excited about it. It is so nice to talk about your future with one another and how you can both bring your ideas to your wedding day. It's good to know we are on the same page with what we would like!

Your engagement ring

After all the excitement, remember to insure your engagement ring. This can be done through your own insurance, or if your partner were on the ball, they would have already insured it for you. Next is to resize your ring. I am sure for many it is already the perfect fit, but some it may need just a slight adjustment. My engagement ring only took 3 days to be resized and now it is the perfect fit!

Start looking for inspiration

Pinterest will be your best friend for life! There are so many amazing inspiration boards from wedding suppliers, married couples and so much more. You may already have ideas but to see them digitally and altogether makes it feel that little bit more real and I apologise in advance if time runs away with you! Instagram is also a great platform as you come across some talented wedding suppliers showcasing their work. It also has a great tool to save these photos to your profile so that you can look back on them when you have time to. The Internet in general has so much and can be so overwhelming. But I will share with you some online wedding blogs that you should be following just for some more inspiration; The English Wedding Blog, Coco Wedding Venue, Brides, Bridal Musings, Confetti, Rock My Wedding, Love My Dress, Style Me Pretty, WedLuxe, Wedding Chicks, Junebug and so many more!

Your wedding your budget

It is a good idea to go through your budget for your wedding and how much you would like to spend and want to spend, so that when you do start looking for suppliers and the perfect venue, you know how much you can afford. Don’t try to stress about this too much as you are still in the early stages and still enjoying your engagement! But it is always good to talk about and perhaps discuss with your parents, if this is something you have agreed to do.

Start to look at your guest list

Whether you’re looking to have an intimate wedding for 20 guests or a grand wedding for 200+, this is something you should look into at the start so you can look at the type of venue or how much your budget can accommodate. Josh and I looked at this right at the beginning and both realised it was a lot of people that we would like to share our special day with (also I love any excuse to use a spreadsheet). But with the year that we have all had and how we haven’t been able to spend it with our family and friends, we want to cherish our wedding day with everyone (we love a party). This is very important to us so has helped us whilst we have been looking at venues and our budget has always been in the back of our minds.

Photo credit Hamswell House captured by Charlotte Wise Photography

Start searching for your venue

You now have a rough idea of your budget and guest list, whilst we are unable to view wedding venues in person, the internet has many amazing venues to share with you. If you already know the venue and location you are looking to have your wedding day then amazing! It can become overwhelming for many couples when they are trying to find that perfect venue. As we are a wedding planning company, we provide consultancy for couples who would like some help in certain aspects of their wedding planning, including venue sourcing. Take a look at our services and we would be very happy to help. Many venues at the moment are also offering virtual tours via their website or through Facetime/Zoom. I think this is a great idea for couples who are looking to get married soon or just want to look at the venue they have fallen in love with. We are still in the process of finding our perfect venue and as we aren’t in any rush, we are going to wait until we can go and view these places in person.

Choosing your wedding party

There is no right or wrong answer when to ask your wedding party. You probably already know who your bridesmaids and groomsmen will be, but no pressure on when you should ask them. This is entirely up to you! We already know our wedding party, but we have decided not to ask them until we have confirmed the date of our wedding. You will know when the right time is and there are some amazing websites that have some ideas of how to ask the questions to them. This is a fun stage of your wedding planning, so make sure you celebrate in style with a glass of champagne in hand.

Photo credit captured by Leah Marie Photography

Enjoy your engagement

This is a tricky one at the moment as we are unable to celebrate with our close friends and family. My advise would be to use this time to enjoy the amazing news and savour it for as long as possible! It really is the best feeling in the world and start getting used to calling eachother fiancé or fiancée - I am still not used to this. As soon as lockdown is over, what an amazing chance to have your engagement party! Take a look at our party service and how we can help plan your celebration as soon as we can! Any excuse to have a party and finally celebrate with your nearest and dearest.

Also think about whether you would like to have an engagement photoshoot. This is a perfect way to meet with a photographer you would like to shoot your wedding day. It also helps with your confidence if you are a little shy infront of the camera. I can recommend two amazing, talented photographers who will be happy to help you! Charlotte Wise Photography is a luxury fine art photographer throughout the UK and abroad specialising in weddings and portrait photography. Leah Marie Photography is a natural and modern wedding photographer throughout the UK and abroad specialising in natural and intimate outdoor weddings and elopements. They are both absolutely amazing at what they do and I can't recommend them enough to bride and grooms to be.

I hope my advise has helped you with your next steps now you're engaged. Please take a look at our wedding and party services to see how we can help you plan your next celebration and special occasion. Contact us via email to arrange your complimentary call with us and again, many congratulations!